For a Strong America: At Home and Abroad


“An America that fails to support Israel is an America that undermines its own vital interests.”

Marco Rubio is Best For America

David Brooks of The New York Times, says “His very life is the embodiment of the American dream...His policy agenda is more detailed and creative than any of his rivals.”


Marco Rubio Is Best For Israel

“Israel has had no better friend than America, and America has had no better friend than Israel.” — Marco Rubio, 3/19/15


Stay Informed

Find relevant Marco Rubio news here, and see why he is the only candidate capable of debating Hillary Clinton and exposing her disastrous record as Secretary of State.


“President Obama’s failure to back Israel has undermined American credibility, American defense, and American interests.”- Marco Rubio

Jews4Rubio seeks to mobilize support for Senator Marco Rubio of Florida to help him win the Republican Party's nomination for President of the United States in 2016. We are Jewish Americans and other citizens who are strong supporters of the state of Israel and care deeply about a strong U.S-Israel relationship based on mutual respect, enhanced trust and shared values; a revitalized U.S. leadership role in world affairs; a realistic approach to the critical threats posed by Iran—nuclear, strategic, military and economic; and a recognition of the ever-growing urgency of the fight against terrorism.

Rubio Defends Israel on The Senate Floor

Marco Rubio In The News

Restoring America's Credibility Abroad

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